How Many Carbs in Rum? The Definitive Guide -

How Many Carbs in Rum? The Definitive Guide

If you are going to drink alcohol while following a low carb diet rum may be one of the best choices. It is low carb, can be mixed with a diet cola and tastes fairly good in this combination.  

While we do not recommend you do this daily as the artificial sweetener in diet cola and alcohol consumption can stall weight loss or even cause weight gain. It is good to have an occasional treat at social situations without feeling left out by being the only one drinking water.

To the left we have the nutrition information of carbs in rum. As you can see in 1 oz there is 0 carbs, 0 fat and only 64 calories.

This is pretty good!​

Keep in mind this isn't a free pass allowing you to drink 10 mixed drinks at a time. Having anything more than the occasional drink will cause most people to stall and derail their weight loss goals.​

Now lets look at some common questions people have before having a low carb rum mixed drink.

1) What are the best low carb drinks to mix with rum​?

#1 - Rum with Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi​

This is the old classic stand by combination, add a little lime juice to spice it up a little.

#2​ -  On the Rocks

Pour straight rum over ice or ice chips and enjoy

Unfortunately that is about it, remember to avoid mixing with things like orange juice this will add a lot of unnecessary carbs.​

​2) What are some good Rum Brands to Consider?

Captain Morgan or Bacardi ​

3) How Many Calories In Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan Rum has about 60 calories per oz.​

Drink Slow and Stay Safe

Remember when you are eating low carb alcohol can have a quicker and more noticeable effect on you.  You do not have the carbs in your body to help absorb the alcohol, be sure you drink slowly, and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

As they say know your limits.​

In the days following drinking rum you may notice some weight loss, followed by a sharp weight gain, this is just your body reacting to the alcohol. If this is going to frustrate you I suggest simply not weighing yourself until 3 or 4 days later.  Give you body some time to adjust to "normal."​


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