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Low Carb Weekly Round Up

Eating low carb isn't easy, there are temptation all over the place. The quick and easy food full of highly process ingredients, terrible unhealthy oils and loaded with carbs easy to grab and derail you off your low carb plans.

​In this weekly segment I plan on posting a few interesting articles from around the internet that will hopefully inspire you and help you on your low carb journey.  

Soy Bean Oil Vs Coconut Oil

This is a great article about two very popular oils in the diet of many people today.  Soy bean oil can be found in everything from Mayo, salad dressing and many other oil based ingredients.  

Coconut oil on the other hand isn't in the mainstream foods. But there is a small niche following who praise the health benefits of coconut oil.​

"Here’s what researchers discovered: Mice that were on the soybean oil diet gained 25 percent more weight than on the coconut oil diet."

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Outside the rest of the information contained in the article I would like to point out once you get the basics of eating low carb dialed in, start looking at what ingredients are in your foods. After the basics of low carb are engrained in your daily eating habits looking at these often hidden ingredients can go a long way to making your health journey easier.

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4 Months On A Zero Carb Diet

This next article is an interesting read. The subject of the article Ginny was a 40 something year old female who at an average high sugar, high carb diet. She had high blood pressure and diabetes.  This prompted here to explore 0 carb eating, essentially eating only meat.

In 4 months Ginny was able to lost 60 pounds and was able to quit taking here blood pressure and diabetes medication.

My opinion: zero carb probably isn't sustainable for most people long term, you are missing out on a lot of good nutrients from lower carb fruits and vegetables. But short term or for those suffering from certain ailments this could be a way of eating that benefits you.

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Just The Basics From Jason Seib

Jason Seib is a gym owner, fitness coach, speaker and advocate of Paleo style eating (generally lower carb) to support weight loss.  In this article Jason talks about "Just The Basics."  

I couldn't agree more!  Often when people start this new way of eating they are often so concerned with every little detail that they get confused, frustrated and often go back to the old way of eating before anything has had a chance to work.  Jason recommends starting by removing sugar from your diet.  This will be hard for many people, but once you mast this your are a 1/4 way their, next Jason recommends removing grains from you diet​.

As you can see he is taking baby steps that will allow you to​ gradually ease into this way of eating.  Often times these two simply changes will have a huge overall impact on your health and weight loss goals.

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