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Low Carb Q&A – What happens if I stop losing weight?


If you have been  following a low carb way of eating for a decent amount of time inevitably you will hit what people in the weight loss business call a plateau.  This is where you are doing everything right and you still aren’t losing weight.  The first thing you need to understand is that this is 100% normal, your body is excellent at adapting to situations.

So the next logical question is how do we break these plateaus?  There are a few things you can try.  What I recommend is if you have been eating really low carb say 20 or less carbs be day, one evening with dinner eat half a baked sweet potato(keep other meals similar to what you have been eating), then the next day go back to your low carb way of eating for 3 days.  On the fourth day eat 1/2 a sweet potato again, then go back to low carb eating.

This will “shock” your body and help things get moving again.

A second thing to look at is to carefully analyze what you are eating.  Often times as we evolve in this way of eating you can end up eating the same food all the time, this can be good but if you are eating some fringe foods that maybe low carb but aren’t ideal for everyone this call stall out your weight loss.  Another possibility is your snacks aren’t ideal, be sure to check out our 50 Low Carb Snack Ideas post.



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Phyllis wills - August 18, 2015

I have lost 19 pounds so far doing atkins, I love it. I have hit plateau but have 10 more to go.what should I do

    Admin - August 18, 2015

    Hi Phyllis,

    There are a lot of variables that can cause you to stall without more information it is hard to give an answer. Some of the “common” issues people run into.

    1) Hidden carbs – make sure you aren’t eating too many carbs either by carbs in things lie BBQ sauce or double check that things you are eating don’t have a lot of carbs.

    2) Not eating enough food, some people (mostly women) following this way of eating count carbs and calories. Often times if you are moderately active adding a little more calories in the form of fat and protein can help keep the metabolism from slowing down and jump start weight loss.

    3) Sometimes it is just your body adjusting to this way of eating. When you first start you will often lose a lot of water weight at first, then some actual fat, then you weight loss will go down a little, then gain weight, then back down a little more. It helps if you cart your weight loss with a line graph often you will see a trend and over time it will go down.

    To give a more specific answer we would need things like how long have you been low carb, what your height, weight is, how active are you. Then how many calories you are eating on average and how many carbs you are eating.

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