How Women Should Train To Lose Fat – Both Cardio and Weight Training -

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How Women Should Train To Lose Fat – Both Cardio and Weight Training

Disclaimer - This is my notes gleaned from Jason's video (which can be watched in full below), I make every effort to make accurate notes but watch the video for full explanation is Jason's own words

In this video Jason Seib of AltShift Diet talks about how he trains women at his gym.  It is a common misconception that women have to do tons of cardio and avoid weight training to lose weight.  

Doing endless cardio can make you lose weight, but much of that will be at the expense of muscle mass. In turn this will slow down your metabolism and make you hold on to fat particularly around your mid-section.

Walking is a given!

You should be walking as much as possible, a good target is an average of 10,000 steps per day. Some days will be more than 10,000 others will be less. That is ok shoot for a long term average of 10,000 steps.

If you cannot hit 10,000 steps right away that is ok too, do as much as you can and try to gradually work your way up to 10,000.​

Weight Training Is Important For Women's Fat Loss

Women should weight train two to three days per week. Jason has some clients who train 4 days per week, but it is few and far between and only those individuals who have cleared it with his trainers first.

Key points to follow when starting a weight training program is ensuring you are training with perfect form.  This will ensure you avoid injuries and protect your joints so you can lift when you are in your 80s.

Jason recommends doing a body building type split where you do a push/pull routine.  Any example of a push pull routine would be a bench press (push) and pull (dumbbell row). Doing this with higher volumes such as 4-5 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Doing a higher volume training helps burn up muscle glycogen.

A common fear many women have is "bulking up,"​ this is a myth women who weight train cannot bulk up, weight training will make you smaller and more toned.

Keeping a higher muscle mass with increase your metabolic rate ensuring you can eat more, train less and maintain your weight loss.​

The average client of Jason's trains for a total of 1 hour per session, this includes warmup, lifting and mobility work.

The Truth About Cardio

Cardio should be kept to a minimum (outside of ample amounts of walking and the occasional sprints).  Stay tuned for more videos from Jason.

To learn more about Jason's AltShift diet click here.

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