Does A Low Carb Diet Make You Tired? -

Does A Low Carb Diet Make You Tired?

Mixed in between longer more detailed content I want to do shorter posts answering some common questions people starting low carb have. The first of such posts started with the ever common questions What are Net Carbs? This week we are going to cover if following a low carb diet can make you tired.

When I first get asked this question I immediately ask a follow-up question asking how long the person has been following low carb. If you are new to a low carb way of eating often you will experience many different symptoms for the first couple weeks as your body adjusts to a low carb way of eating. One of these symptoms many people experience is feeling tired and cranky.

If I had to guess I would say it impacts nearly 7 out of 10 people. Fear not though after a couple weeks it will get easier and easier day by day and eventually the tired feeling will go away and it will often be followed by a feeling of extreme abundance of energy.

This leads to the next question what if I have been low carb for a long time and suddenly start feeling tired. This is often a more complex answer.

First rule out the obvious, are you getting 8 hours of sleep, if not you need to address you sleep issues.

It could be an indication of a number of things. To start I would try raising the carbs you are eating by 15-20 carbs, keep this increased carb count for a week or so and see if things starting feeling better. Often you have to adjust your carb intake based on things such as your activity level.

If neither of these resolve a tired feeling experienced while on low carb it may be worthwhile to talk with your doctor and get the normal amount of blood tests done to see if anything is out of whack with your body.


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