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5 Things I Learned While Eating Low Carb

1. Eating low carb isn't going to be easy in social situations

Eating low carb isn't always easy, everywhere you go their is temptations, this is magnified during social situations.  Visiting a friends house they often want to order pizza or have some type of snacks or baked goods for the occasion. Some friends will pressure you to eat simply because they do not understand low carb, while others simply eat anything and not worry about it.

2. Losing weight is as much mental as physical

There will be times where you have a bad day at work or some type of family issue and it will tempt you to eat something that isn't low in carbs.  You will then feel bad that you "cheated" on your diet and if you are not careful you could spiral out of control eating all the carbs in sight.

3. Building a support system can help

Over time as I was on my weight loss journey my family and friends learned about what I can and cannot eat.  They were often supportive or at least understanding that I just didn't want to eat certain foods that would not lead to the long term results I was looking for.

Some friends and family after seeing the results I was getting losing weight asked questions to better understand this way of eating and went out of their way to help me out.  This was awesome and helped make things that much easier on me.​

4. Food cravings are often just a result of some other trigger event

Everyone has a trigger to when the fall off a way of eating and back into old habits. My personal trigger is stress. When I am stressed if I am not careful I can slip up in my eating habits. Other common triggers are situational (ie social situations with tempting food) and habitual where you reach for something out of habit not even thinking about it.

5. This is a journey it won't be perfect and it won't be easy buy persistence pays off

Over three years of low to moderate carbs, lots of walking and weight lifting I have been able to lose 85 pounds and put on about 10 pounds of muscle. My physique is looking better than ever and with this transformation I have become more confident in every day life.

This is a journey it won't be perfect and it won't be easy buy persistence pays off

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